Business consulting

Practical consulting for entrepreneurs

Competent partners for entrepreneurs. Euro Treuhand consultants are aware of the problems faced by entrepreneurs today. As experienced consultants with our own extensive management practice, we bring a valuable external perspective to the dialogue. As a neutral contact, we provide entrepreneurs with a high level of security in decisions and vouch for sustained, continuous business development.

Clear analysis, quick decisions, and rapid implementation. SMEs work different from big companies. So they also need different consulting services that bring their strengths - flexibility and short reaction time - to bear. Analysis is important, but the ability to determine the main thrust and to implement measures is decisive. Euro Treuhand partners do not only make recommendations; they also lend a hand with implementing them without any delay, thereby guaranteeing that mandates are actively and responsibly cared for.

Owner strategy - often forgotten. Managing a business is a complex and increasingly difficult task. The entrepreneur often neglects the perspective of the owner on account of this challenge as a manager. Combining the interests of the business and the entrepreneur, and reconciling them into one integrated whole, is a central matter of concern for us. Questions of long-term value enhancement, the sensible arrangement of corporate and private assets and succession planning are a part of this, as is tax planning. The specialists at Euro Treuhand keep everything in sight.


«It is not specialist knowledge that

will be scarce in the future, but the ability
to think creatively and efficiently.»


Markus Brocker, Frank Zwicky